Ready to take the leap?!

Personalized Costa Rica Relocation Counseling and Life Abroad Mentoring

Ask Me Anything


You’re thinking of moving to Costa Rica…. but you’re unsure, you have doubts, questions, concerns. Facebook groups provide you with a million different answers and you’re not sure what to believe.

In this short introductory call, we’ll hop on a call and get as many questions and concerns addressed so that you can feel a bit more ease about your next steps.

Includes: One 45-minute call

Does not include: My proprietary moving abroad questionnaire, additional calls or email communications, checklists and other goodies provided in the other packages.

Fee: $97, paid via Zelle, Paypal, wire transfer or check

1:1 Relocation Counseling


Ready to start a new life!

Your dreaming of what it would be like to move to a new country, experience a new culture and put down roots. But you’re not sure where to begin. Or what to bring (or not bring) with you. Or how to acclimate to your new environment, once you’re there. You may also not be sure if it’s a good idea and want someone to talk it through with. Someone who has been in your shoes and knows how you feel…

You’ve got questions…

I’ve got answers.

The Relocation Counseling Service includes my proprietary questionnaire to ensure we address all your concerns, three phone calls – an initial 60 minute call to review where you’re at, develop your plan and two follow up calls (up to 60 minutes), plus email access in between calls for questions that arise.

You’ll also receive my book, Moving to Costa Rica Simplified, plus my Moving to Costa Rica Simplified Snapshot Kit, including multiple checklists to help you pre- and post-move, budget worksheet and more!

Fee: $347, paid via Zelle, Paypal, wire transfer or check

Note: Additional sessions can be purchased at a special rate for previous clients but because sessions are so personalized, it’s normally unnecessary!

Life Abroad Mentoring


You’ve moved, congrats! Your new life has begun. But now you have more questions. Lots of them.

Or maybe you’ve started to settle in and you’re feeling a little uncomfortable or unsure.

First, that’s normal. Second, I’m here for you.

There is a lot to learn when you move to a new country and a lot of lessons that are often learned the hard way – that’s not what I want for you.

Let’s create ease in your new life and surroundings.

Includes: Up to six 60-minute 1:1 calls (just you, your family and me!) and voxer (or whatsapp/iMessage) access in between calls. And yes… you can send me a message after our sessions are complete if you run into any problems. I  never want you to feel unsupported in your journey.

You’ll also receive my book, Moving to Costa Rica Simplified, plus my Moving to Costa Rica Simplified Snapshot Kit, including multiple checklists to help you pre- and post-move, budget worksheet and more!

Fee: $1,497, paid via Zelle, Paypal, wire transfer or check



Real Talk

I’m always going to share with you the good… and the not-so-ideal. So that you’re prepared for anything that may come your way. I’ll always be honest and if I don’t know something, I’ll let you know that as well.



While I take your move and living abroad VERY seriously, I also want this to be a fun and exciting time for you. If it ever becomes too overwhelming, you just let me know and we’ll figure out together how to help you create a sense of ease and stability.


A Safe & Brave Space

Our work together is judgment-free. Everything you share will be confidential. This is a big leap you’re taking and I want you to know that I’ve got your back.



Picture Perfect Paradise

While Costa Rica is considered by many a paradise, when you’re here on the ground full time, you may find there are a lot of ups and downs.  We’ll talk about those and how to handle them.


Hidden Fees

I will always be upfront with you about all of my services and fees.


In-person meetings*

Due to my disability, I’m not able to regularly travel outside of my local area. I would be happy to meet with you within 30 minutes of where I live on the Central Coast or we can chat on the phone. *However, if something arises and you really need support in person, we can discuss that and make travel arrangements for an additional fee.

What is Relocation Counseling?

Relocation counseling is designed to assist individuals or families moving to Costa Rica. I provide guidance and support throughout the entire relocation process, helping clients overcome challenges and make informed decisions.

Why should I do Relocation Counseling?

It takes a lot of courage to leave your home country. Relocating can be a complex and stressful process. A little hesitation or anxiety is normal. Relocation counseling can help alleviate some of that stress by providing expert advice, personalized assistance, and valuable resources to ensure a smooth transition.

What services do you offer?

My relocation counseling services include pre-move planning, destination orientation, home finding assistance, settling-in support, and ongoing guidance to help you adjust to your new environment.

How does the counseling process work?

Pre- or post-move, I share with you my proprietary questionnaire, then we have an initial consulation to discuss your needs and goals. From there, I  help you create a customized plan tailored to your specific needs. Throughout the process, I provide guidance, support, and resources to help you make an easeful transition or if you’re already here, feel more settled and confident.

The Ask Me Anything session is a quick introduction where you can ask me questions about your move and decide if you’d like to receive additional support. It does not include the questionnaire or resources.

What sets your relocation counseling services apart?

My relocation counseling services are distinguished by my personalized approach, propietary questionnaire, extensive experience (I moved here in 2012, made 10 trips before moving and have written 4 books about Costa Rica), and my commitment to client satisfaction. I go above and beyond to ensure that your relocation experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Do you offer relocation retreats to Costa Rica?

I do not. For two reasons:

1. I am newly disabled and cannot travel long distances anymore and can only work 2-3 hours each day working with clients before my body says… no s.

2. I don’t feel that spending a few days in Costa Rica, “scratching the surface”, is a productive use of your time or your money. I much prefer to work 1:1 with individuals or families and provide you with in-depth personalized support.

real life


(Note: I always respect my client’s privacy. Testimonials are always appreciated but never required! Providing names or images are at the discretion of my client)

Suzanne Lange

Suzanne Lange

I had the pleasure of working with Chrissy after a friend recommended her services. After meeting with her just twice, my relocation to Costa Rica went from feeling like an unlikely dream to a realistic goal. I can’t praise her expertise enough. Her extensive knowledge of the country’s immigration processes, local culture, and legal requirements made the transition feel attainable and far less daunting. She followed up between sessions with me and welcomed all my questions and concerns. Chrissy provided invaluable guidance, ensuring I felt comfortable and confident throughout the planning process. While my timeline for relocation has changed slightly, I feel well-equipped and excited about my future plans to relocate to Costa Rica. I wholeheartedly recommend Chrissy’s services for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.

Pat and Danny

Pat and Danny

“Chrissy is such a delight!

She really understands what it takes to move abroad, and she has the knowledge and the contacts to help people get set up successfully in Costa Rica. We were approved for residency while we were still in the US, (with the help of one of Chrissy’s contacts) and while we decided that moving abroad wasn’t what was best for our family at that time, we are so grateful for all the support that Chrissy provided us. She knows the ins and outs of Costa Rica so well and 100% recommend her services to other expats thinking of moving abroad or already living there and needing help.



“Thank you for the great call to discuss relocation possibilities! You are a treasure trove of valuable information and helped me gain so much insight and clarity around possibilities and areas of focus.

As someone who has been to Costa Rica more than 25 times, it’s refreshing to speak with someone who has so much experience with the area, its nuanced systems, and can explain it with grace and kindness.  Thanks for giving me a starting point!