My guiding beliefs when it comes to supporting my clients


I take very seriously the work that I do with clients as a relocation counselor, helping people move to Costa Rica. While I don’t offer therapy, psychology was a big part of my university studies and I maintain basic therapy principles: to support my clients in the best way possible, maintain their confidentiality and do no harm.

It’s a difficult balance however, both when I’m asked for a free call as well as when I’m sharing in Facebook groups. I understand why a free call can be seen as helpful but ethically, I can’t offer advice in 15 minutes. That is why I offer the Ask Me Anything call as a “starting point” and then if you need more support, you can always book another call or upgrade to Relocation Counseling.

In Facebook groups, it’s another story. Often, “minimal selling” and “give more than you take” are the rules, which I respect. But , I run into two problems.


More often than not, the questions asked in groups are general in nature as the person just doesn’t know how to be more specific or what they really want (which is completely understandable, they’re not experienced in relocation and moving abroad!).

Ethically, I often can’t give a “blanket” response. We have to dive deep below the surface to answer many of the general questions like “Where should I live in Costa Rica?”, “What are schools like in Costa Rica?”, “What is crime like in Costa Rica?”. And that deep dive really can’t be done in a Facebook post (or in a free 15 minute call).

The questionnaire that I share with my relocation counseling and life abroad mentoring clients has almost 50 questions. And that’s just to get us started. When I say “deep dive”, I really do mean it!

So I’m left with either not offering my help at all (which I feel is a massive disservice to the person needing support), or simply offering my services (or my book!) – which is then seen as “taking more than giving”.  Of course that’s not how I want to be perceived! I do try to give little bits of advice when I can but my ethics prevent me from going too far, if I feel it might be harmful to the person and their life, in the long run.




Honesty is key

Transparency builds trust. I’ll be up front with you about what to expect from our sessions and I’ll always share the good and the not-so-ideal so you are fully aware and prepared.


Respecting Differences

One of my mantras is less judgment, more compassion. Whether it’s cultural background, personal beliefs, or lifestyle choices, I respect and honor what makes each client who they are.


Continous Learning

Oftentimes, things move at a sloth’s pace here in Costa Rica but change eventually does happen. I value staying up-to-date on current laws and processes so I can best support my clients.


A Safe & Brave Space

Everything you share will be confidential. This is a big leap you’re taking and I want you to know that I’ve got your back.


Client Well-Being

I empower my clients to make informed decisions, develop coping strategies, and ultimately thrive in your new environment.


I don't take kickbacks or commissions

I don’t take commissions from those I refer. Costa Rica thrives on kickbacks but I’d rather the client get a reduced (or at least fair) fee than pocket the money for myself. And if I ever did get a commission or kickback, I would disclose it upfront. #integritymatters

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(Note: I always respect my client’s privacy. Testimonials are always appreciated but never required! Providing names or images are at the discretion of my client.)

Suzanne Lange

Suzanne Lange

I had the pleasure of working with Chrissy after a friend recommended her services. After meeting with her just twice, my relocation to Costa Rica went from feeling like an unlikely dream to a realistic goal. I can’t praise her expertise enough. Her extensive knowledge of the country’s immigration processes, local culture, and legal requirements made the transition feel attainable and far less daunting. She followed up between sessions with me and welcomed all my questions and concerns. Chrissy provided invaluable guidance, ensuring I felt comfortable and confident throughout the planning process. While my timeline for relocation has changed slightly, I feel well-equipped and excited about my future plans to relocate to Costa Rica. I wholeheartedly recommend Chrissy’s services for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.

Pat and Danny

Pat and Danny

“Chrissy is such a delight!

She really understands what it takes to move abroad, and she has the knowledge and the contacts to help people get set up successfully in Costa Rica. We were approved for residency while we were still in the US, (with the help of one of Chrissy’s contacts) and while we decided that moving abroad wasn’t what was best for our family at that time, we are so grateful for all the support that Chrissy provided us. She knows the ins and outs of Costa Rica so well and 100% recommend her services to other expats thinking of moving abroad or already living there and needing help.



“Thank you for the great call to discuss relocation possibilities! You are a treasure trove of valuable information and helped me gain so much insight and clarity around possibilities and areas of focus.

As someone who has been to Costa Rica more than 25 times, it’s refreshing to speak with someone who has so much experience with the area, its nuanced systems, and can explain it with grace and kindness.  Thanks for giving me a starting point!