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Whether you’re planning to relocate to Costa Rica or have already moved abroad, both can have its challenges. Let me be your guide.

I’m here to empower you in your journey of moving abroad so that you can make your dream of living in Costa Rica a reality.

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Hey! I’m Chrissy.

Your relocation counselor and life abroad mentor.

In 2012, at the age of 37, my 17-year-old cat and I moved to Costa Rica. It was a GIANT leap for me from my everyday life in California. And, as I’m always going to be real with you… it wasn’t easy. There have been a lot of mistakes, missteps and mishaps.

But! Along the way I’ve learned how to create contentment amongst the chaos and it’s all been so very worth it.

And that’s what I want for YOU.

To save you the stress, time, energy and money that I wasted trying to figure things out.

To feel at ease as you’re prepping to move abroad and ease when you move to Costa Rica and begin your new life.

There are so many pieces of the puzzle that you have to figure out when you decide to move to Costa Rica (and a lot of unexpected things that will pop up along the way!).

You don’t have to go it alone…

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01. Ask Me Anything


You’re thinking of moving to Costa Rica…. but you’re unsure, you have doubts, questions, concerns. Facebook groups provide you with a million different answers and you’re not sure what to believe.

In this short introductory call, we’ll hop on a call and get as many questions and concerns addressed so that you can feel a bit more ease about your next steps. This session does not include the “goodies” included with other services.

Includes: One 45-minute call

02. Relocation Counseling

Ready to start a new life! Your dreaming of what it would be like to move to a new country, experience a new culture and put down roots. But you’re not sure where to begin. Or what to bring (or not bring) with you. Or how to acclimate to your new environment, once you’re there. You may also not be sure if it’s a good idea and want someone to talk it through with.

You’ve got questions…

I’ve got answers.

The Moving Abroad Consultation includes 2 phone calls of 60 minutes each,  to review where you’re at, develop your moving plan plus a follow up call, for any additional questions that arise. 

03. Life Abroad Mentoring

Your new life has begun.

You’ve moved, congrats! But now you have more questions. Lots of them.

Or maybe you’ve started to settle in and you’re feeling a little uncomfortable or unsure.

First, that’s normal. Second, I’m here for you.

There is a lot to learn when you move to a new country and a lot of lessons that are often learned the hard way – that’s not what I want for you.

Let’s create ease in your new life and surroundings.

Includes: 3 months of support. Up to six 60-minute calls and voxer access in between calls.

Ready to feel at ease in your new life abroad?

That’s what I’m here for.

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